Interior Painting

How We Do It

Remove hardware from surfaces to be painted, such as plug and switch plates, door knobs, strike plates, ceiling and wall fixtures, blinds, window treatments, etc. to enable painting behind objects, not just around them. Mask and cover flooring, furnishings, counter tops and appliances to protect from prep and paint applications. 

Patch ceiling and wall cracks, then texture the patches to match original ceiling and wall textures. Sand door and door casings, baseboards, window sills, cabinets and any other interior wood trim to be painted. Fill wood surface imperfections with Bondo, the strongest patching compound available. Caulk any gaps around door casings, baseboards, window sills, cabinet boxes and wood trim with a top quality caulking. Spot prime any ceiling, wall or trim patches with a top quality sealer.

Apply two full coats of top quality, 100% acrylic finishes to all surfaces to be painted. Return removed hardware and thoroughly clean job sites of any work related debris. Leave extra labeled paints for future use and reference. 

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